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Wooden floor boards from pine
  • Wooden floor boards from pine
  • Wooden floor boards from pine

Wooden floor boards from pine

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150 UAH
Brand:Sunrise Ltd
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Wooden floor boards from pine

At first it is necessary to be defined precisely for what we buy a floor board. We exclude the rejected material with a set of various defects at once.

Qualitative boards have ideally equal form and are deprived of any defects. We pay attention to it first of all. Also all boards have to be dried well.


Floor boards humidity of at most 15% will be suitable for a draft floor. These floor boards can have knots, but have to be without big defects and not rotten.

The finishing floor covering is made of a better quality wooden board, of an identical form with humidity of at most 10%. Knots has to be as little as possible on these boards.

Besides, at the choice of a board it is necessary to define:

How densely grooves and crests connect among themselves. It is very important.

Breed of wood of which boards are made is of great importance. The most optimal variant - a board from an oak and a larch. Also a floor from a pine has perfectly look. And it will cost cheaper, than a floor from an oak and a larch. The board from a larch for which moisture is not terrible best of all is suitable for a floor of bathrooms.

Floor board
THICKNESS, mm WIDTH, mm (standard length of the jointed production, l) The price with a length of a planed product..., UAH/m ²
INTEGRAL PRODUCTION (live knot) The GLUED PRODUCTION (jointed on length, without defects)
2,00 - 2,80 m 3,0/4,0/4,5/6,0 m to 2,95 m to 3,95 m 1,0 - 6,8 m
Floor board 20/t18 85/t80, 136/t132, 118/146 old 143,22 186,19 125,00 137,50 150,00
Floor board 28/t27 95/136/160 (2,95/3,95) 153,00 198,90 175,15 192,67 210,18
Floor board 33/t32 106/146 (2,95/3,95) 168,35 218,86 207,50 228,25 249,00
Floor board 33 186 - only integral 199,90 259,87 ------------- ------------- -------------
Floor board 38 120/135 (2,95/3,95) 220,00 286,00 248,55 273,41 298,26
Floor board 44 108/137 (2,95/3,95) 244,63 318,02 274,50 301,95 329,40
Floor board 44 192 - only integral 265,37 344,98 Glued production is made by means of removal from it of defects, but with presence of a live knot. Price for products without knot is recalculated with coefficient — 1,18.
Floor board 50 158 - only integral 269,85 350,81
Floor board 60 190 - only integral 358,65 466,25
Brand:Sunrise Ltd
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 03.01.2020
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